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2017: Hudson River on the Rise Conference

Event Description

The title of the conference, as well as the location, set over a photograph of a bend in the Hudson River (photo by L. Heady). Organizing and underwriting entities are included as well.

Hudson River on the Rise 2017

Hudson River on the Rise:  Waterfront Planning for Communities and Nature was a day-long conference intended to advance resiliency planning for the Hudson Estuary’s unique natural and community resources in an age of sea-level rise.  All Hudson Estuary riverfront stakeholders—including municipal officials, community leaders, landowners, planners, resource managers, regulators, developers and private sector professionals—were invited to hear speakers with expertise in science, planning and design, resource management, and decision-making process discuss the natural history of the river; emerging issues and opportunities that will shape future waterfront planning; decision-making roles and shoreline jurisdictions; and innovative case studies from Hudson River communities.  Participants had the opportunity to learn about exciting efforts along the Hudson and available resources, to envision future projects in their own communities, and to network with each other, exploring partnerships to pursue their own waterfront resiliency goals.

Event program available here.

HRNERR post on the event here.

Morning Plenary Presentations

Hudson River: Then and NowFran Dunwell, NYSDEC Hudson River Estuary Program

What’s Special about the Hudson Estuary? A Natural History OverviewBetsy Blair, NYSDEC Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve

Looking Ahead: Planning, Adapting, and Restoring for a New NormalSacha Spector, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation

Decision-making Roles: Who is Responsible for the Future of Our Shorelines?Matt Maraglio, NYSDOS Office of Planning and Development

Keynote The Resilient Waterfront: Designing Adaptive Landscapes — Pippa Brashear, SCAPE / Landscape Architecture

Concurrent Session 1A:  Local Planning for Climate Resilience

Local Waterfront Revitalization Programs (LWRPs)Jaime Ethier, NYSDOS Office of Planning and Development

Climate Smart Communities and Coastal ResilienceDazzle Ekblad, NYSDEC Office of Climate Change

Concurrent Session 1B:  Online Mapping and Decision-Making Tools

The Sea Level Rise Mapper: Essential Information for Waterfront PlanningNava Tabak, Scenic Hudson

The Hudson River Flood Impact Decision Support SystemKytt MacManus, CIESIN and Columbia University

Geographic Information Gateway: Yours for the Using — Jeff Herter, NYSDOS Office of Planning and Development (resource link)

Concurrent Session 2A:  Adapting the Built Environment

Metro-North Railroad: Post Superstorm Sandy and Planning for the Future — Richard Bottali, Metro-North Railroad Capital Engineering Department

Sustainable Shorelines: Improving Engineered Shoreline HabitatsDaniel Miller, NYSDEC Hudson River Estuary Program/NEIWPCC

Confronting the Threat of Sea Level Rise in the New York City Metropolitan AreaRob Freudenberg, Regional Plan Association

Concurrent Session 2B:  Designing Resilient Waterfronts

Waterfront Edge Design Guidelines (WEDG): A Framework for Sustainable Waterfront DevelopmentRoland Lewis, Waterfront Alliance

The Cornell Climate-Adaptive Design Studio: Designing for Resilience Along Hudson River Estuary Waterfronts — Joshua F. Cerra, Cornell University Department of Landscape Architecture

Landscape Performance: Climate-Adaptive Design Strategies for LUMBERYARD Contemporary Performing ArtsJilian Cahan Gersten, LUMBERYARD Contemporary Performing Arts

Afternoon Plenary Presentations

The Community Risk and Resiliency Act: Mainstreaming Consideration of Climate ChangeMark Lowery, NYSDEC Office of Climate Change

Adaptation Success in the Hudson River EstuaryKristin Marcell, NYSDEC Hudson River Estuary Program/Cornell Water Resources Institute

Waterfront Resilience and Adaptation in the City of KingstonMayor Steve Noble, City of Kingston

Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
NOAA National Estuarine Research Reserve System

Tivoli Bays Launch Closure – 2020

The canoe and kayak launch on the Kidd Lane access road at Tivoli Bays WMA is closed for renovations until further notice. At this time, DEC does not have an estimated completion date for the project. Please contact Nathan Ermer at 845-256-3047 for more information about this project. Thank you for your patience and understanding.