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SAV Restoration Workshop

A working session to discuss SAV (submerged aquatic vegetation) restoration in the Hudson River Estuary

Time:   October 8, 2014, 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.
Location: Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve at Norrie Point
Purpose:  To bring together resource managers, scientists, and others to discuss the feasibility of restoring Vallisneria americana in the Hudson River.

AgendaVallisneria americana
Meeting Summary
Decision Tree

  1. Previous SAV Extent and Functions – Sarah Fernald, NYSDEC HRNERR
  2. Current Status of SAV – Stuart Findlay, Cary IES
  3. Sediment Data from Shallow Water Mapping John Ladd, NYSDEC HREP
  4. Invasive Threats – Dave Strayer, Cary IES
  5. Invasive Hydrilla – Katia Engelhardt, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science
  6. Factors Impacting the Loss, Regrowth and Successful Restoration of Vallisneria americana in the Hudson River – Jonas Hamberg, SUNY ESF student and 2014 Polgar Scholar
  7. Chesapeake Bay – Ken Moore, VIMS /Chesapeake VA NERR
  8. Genetics of Vallisneria Americana – Maile Neel and Brittany West, University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science

After the presentations, the group partook in discussions in order to further a SAV Restoration Decision Tree and figure out research needs and next steps. The version of the Decision Tree that was used during the workshop may be found here. A summary of these talks and the afternoon discussion may be found here. For a list of relevant articles concerning SAV restoration please see References Related to Feasibility of  Restoration of Vallisneria americana.

Planning Team

Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies Stuart Findlay

NYSDEC HRNERR Sarah Fernald Betsy Blair Emilie Hauser Ben Ganon Lisa Graichen

Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
NOAA National Estuarine Research Reserve System

Tivoli Bays Launch Closure – 2020

The canoe and kayak launch on the Kidd Lane access road at Tivoli Bays WMA is closed for renovations until further notice. At this time, DEC does not have an estimated completion date for the project. Please contact Nathan Ermer at 845-256-3047 for more information about this project. Thank you for your patience and understanding.