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Hudson River Sustainable Shorelines

The Hudson River Sustainable Shorelines Project aims to develop science-based recommendations for shore zone management to enhance natural benefits while meeting protection needs.

What is a Sustainable Shoreline?

A sustainable shoreline is a shoreline that has shoreline management practices that seek to protect the shore zone’s wildlife habitat, ecological benefits, outdoor recreation, community quality of life, and water-dependent businesses for future generations. 

Esopus Meadows before and after pictures

Case Study of Esopus Meadows demonstration site, before and after

Benefits of Sustainable Shorelines

  • Provide erosion control and protect upland landuse by absorbing energy from waves and currents
  • Provide alternative options to bulkheads and rip rap revetments
  • Protect water by capturing polluted runoff
  • Provide pathways for wetland migration in gradual-slope areas
  • Increase coastal greenery, which adds to beauty, takes in carbon dioxide, and provides habitat
  • Increase biodiversity of habitats with rocks, plants and natural debris
  • Minimize cost over life span of shoreline stabilization, as opposed to hardened protection
Rough and smooth shorelines

Rough, physically complicated shores (left) provide better habitat than smooth, simple shores (right).

Goal for land managers and shoreline engineers

Use soft solutions to protect shorelines, consider habitat, and plan for future conditions

Shorelines Book cover

Check out the Managing Shore Zones for Ecological Benefits Handbook for more guidance for shoreline land owners and managers.

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