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The Sustainable Shorelines Project established a framework of three linked groups: Coordinating Team, Project Team, and Advisory Committee, each serving different functions essential for project completion. The integration lead, Consensus Building Institute (CBI), serves as a neutral facilitator and works to keep these three groups productive, efficient, and fair. CBI staff helps the Principal Investigator (PI) and Coordinating Team effectively engage stakeholders, conduct meetings and focus groups, and strategically steer the project.

The structure of the various groups works well to foster communication, collaboration and engagement, and to evaluate both the process and the various findings and outreach materials.

Stakeholders can collaborate on a multitude of projects.

Stakeholders can collaborate on a multitude of projects.


Please visit the following pages for more information on each group and meeting archives:

The Coordinating Team – A small core group of project leaders to guide all aspects of the project.


The Project Team – The coordinating team and other researchers and land managers who contribute technical project-related work. This team was combined with the Advisory Committee in 2012.


The Shorelines Advisory Committee  A broad range of stakeholders who provide ideas and feedback throughout the project.



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