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Native Planting Publications

Listed below is a compilation of various native plant publications for New York State and the Northeastern U.S. Many of these publications also include an attribute list and planting suitability guides to aid in placement.


Gray Dogwood (Cornus racemosa) Photo Credit: NY Flora Atlas

Native Plants for Gardening and Landscaping – A planting guide with photos from the NYSDEC Division of Lands and Forests, highlighting various aesthetically pleasing native flowering plants that can be used as alternatives to non-native  ornamental plants for the home and garden. Revised in March 2016. 

Native Species Planting Guide – From NYC Parks, this guide, published in 2014,  includes extensive planting lists for many different ecosystems found in New York City. Also included is a list of invasive plants  that are prohibited and regulated in New York State.

Ecological Communities in New York State, 2nd Edition – An updated version (2014) of Carol Reschke’s 1990 Publication for NYSDEC NY Natural Heritage Program, this publications gives an expansive look at the flora and fauna for New York State’s many ecosystems.

New York Flora Atlas – From the New York Flora Association, the Atlas is a source of information for plant distribution, habitat, ecological communities, and taxonomy for plants found throughout New York State. Most of the plants in the listings include pictures for identification. 

Leopold, Donald Joseph. Native Plants of the Northeast: a Guide for Gardening & Conservation. Timber Press, 2005. – 

Burrell, C. Colston., et al. Native Alternatives to Invasive Plants. Brooklyn Botanic Garden, 2011.

Guide to Planting your Trees and Shrubs – A guide from the NYSDEC Trees for Tribs program on how to plant and acclimate new trees and shrubs, both bare-root and potted, how to use weed mats and tree tubes, and follow-up maintenance for newly planted trees and shrubs.

Audubon Native Plants Database – A database that allows the user to search by zipcode for native plants that will create bird-friendly habitats. Includes local resources and links to more information.

Landscaping Guidance/Plant Lists  – Appendix H from the New York State Stormwater Management Design Manual (2015). Discusses landscaping guidelines and suitable plants depending on hydrologic zone, for areas to be planted in stormwater ponds but applicable to shoreline restoration sites.


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