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Priority Shoreline Inventory


The Hudson River Estuary Program is working with the Sustainable Shorelines project to improve habitat value of built Hudson River shorelines. “Hardened” or “built” refers to any shoreline section that has been altered in some way to protect property or facilitate human uses such as transportation or recreational activities. Sheet pile bulkheads and rip-rap are common methods used for these purposes. In 2005, hard shoreline was mapped and described in all tidal waters of the Hudson between Albany and the Tappan Zee Bridge.

Vertical sheet pile bulkhead is a common way to reinforce shorelines

Vertical sheet pile bulkhead is one type of  ‘hardened’ shoreline commonly used on the Hudson River.

The priority shoreline inventory uses geographical information systems (GIS) to combine the 2005 inventory of hard shoreline with other data resources to identify candidate locations for implementing Sustainable Shorelines demonstration projects. Once candidate sites are identified, field data collections will further understanding of individual sites. The additional information will allow assessment of the need to replace or maintain existing hard shoreline structures and the opportunity to incorporate Sustainable Shorelines practices to enhance habitat value and ecosystem resiliency.

Factors that are considered include presence/absence of landward infrastructure, condition of the shoreline, near shore bathymetry and habitat, distance to the shipping channel and fetch.

Assessment and data collection began in late 2015 and will continue throughout the summer of 2016. The project team will then use criteria to prioritize the inventoried shorelines as potential demonstration sites.

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Hudson River National Estuarine Research Reserve

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation
NOAA National Estuarine Research Reserve System

Tivoli Bays Launch Closure – 2020

The canoe and kayak launch on the Kidd Lane access road at Tivoli Bays WMA is closed for renovations until further notice. At this time, DEC does not have an estimated completion date for the project. Please contact Nathan Ermer at 845-256-3047 for more information about this project. Thank you for your patience and understanding.